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• Santo Rico Dance School in Harlem will be relocating to a new facility in order to better serve our students. Please come back soon for more updates and our new location. Our Santo Rico Queens and the new Santo Rico Westchester locations are open if you like to continue or start our new programs. Please click on link below for more information or you can see our HBO Documentary.

Santo Rico Dance School is the place to be if you want to learn the latest, most innovative dance styles in the Big Apple. With the school’s dynamic combination of professional teachers and distinctive styles, you will move like never before.

MAMBO, one of the hottest dances on any New York City dance floor, is the everyday routine of the Santo Rico Dance School. Come see for yourself what it’s about... the music will move you and help you forget about the past, and to free your body and soul in the journey we call DANCE!.

- Santo Rico! The only school in New York City that teaches all aspects of Salsa/Mambo dancing.

Events Santo Rico will be Performing/Instructing